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  1. Start by gathering up the list of all partners - ad networks, exchanges, and SSPs - where you sell your inventory.
  2. For each partner, you need the ad serving domain (, the AppNexus member ID, and your relationship with the member (DIRECT or RESELLER).
  3. Use any text editor to create a plain text file.
  4. For your publisher direct seat, add a line to the file that looks like this:

    Code Block, <member-id>, DIRECT

    Replace member-id with the member ID of your AppNexus account.


    Sellers can find their member ID in Console by navigating to the Monetization Dashboard and looking for the ID at the bottom of the screen:

    You can also check with your AppNexus representative. Be sure to note that you need your member ID, not your publisher ID.

  5. If you work with any partners who have AppNexus seats, create lines that look like this, one partner per line:

    Code Block, <member-id>, RESELLER

    Replace member-id with the AppNexus member ID of the partner you work with. Your partner should be able to provide you with this ID.

  6. Save the file with the name ads.txt, and upload it to the root folder of your domain, such as
  7. Validate your ads.txt file using the AppNexus Ads.txt Validator. This tool will help you ensure that your ads.txt file has been configured correcltycorrectly. You can either enter the URL to your ads.txt file or upload your file, and the validator will will let you know if it identifies any issues.