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(Required) The unique identifier of the bid request.


array of objects

(Required) The impressions offered in this bid request. See Impression Object below.
siteobjectSpecifies information about the website or subset of inventory (placement group) for the impressions. Applicable for website impressions. See Site Object below.
appobjectSpecifies information about the app for the impressions. Applicable for app impressions. See App Object below.
deviceobjectSpecifies information about the user's device to which these impressions will be delivered. See Device Object below.
userobjectSpecifies information about the person to whom the impressions will be delivered. See User Object below.

Indicates that this auction is in test mode and is not billable. If not present, default is used.

  • 0: live mode; billable (default)
  • 1: test mode; not billable

Specifies the auction type. If not present, default is used.

  • 1: first price
  • 2: second price plus one cent (default)
  • 546: AppNexus controls the auction logic Note: deprecated as of 9/11/17
wseatarray of stringsSpecifies an array representing a whitelist of buyer seats allowed to bid on this impression.
tmaxintegerSpecifies the maximum time (in milliseconds) to submit a bid before timing out.
curarray of stringsSpecifies an array of allowed currencies for bids on this bid request using ISO-4217 alphabetic codes. Defaults to USD.
bcatarray of strings

Specifies a list of blocked content categories. Will include IAB categories (listed in section 5.1 of the specification). Bcat is not a required field and will only be sent if there are blocked categories associated with the bid request. If no blocked categories are associated, then we will not send this field.

Note: AppNexus categories have been removed from this field as of August 2017.


array of strings

Specifies a list of blocked top-level advertiser domains that correspond to brand URLs in the AppNexus system. For example, ["",""]. For more information, see the Brand Service. A max of 64 values will be sent.

regsobjectSpecifies information about an industry, legal, or governmental regulation in force for this request. See Regs Object below.
objectProvides data about the inventory source and which entity makes the final decision. See Source Object below.



Used for identifying AppNexus-specific extensions to the OpenRTB bid request. See Bid Request Extension Object below.