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Multi-Format Banner Ads


This offering is currently in Alpha and is subject to change.

As of Version 4.6 for Android and Version 4.5 for iOS, the AppNexus mobile SDK supports serving multiple creative formats (RTB VAST outstream videos and regular banner ads) through a single banner entry point.

Some constraints:

  • Video mediation is not yet supported.
  • You cannot currently configure video player options, such as starting video with audio on/off or the presence of a volume button, for a mobile placement with the Console UI.

Show a Mix of VAST Video and HTML Banner Ads

Before you begin, you must integrate the AppNexus SDK with your project. 

Next, enable Video Ads in your App for BannerAdView (Andoid) or ANBannerAdView (iOS).




banner.shouldAllowVideoDemand =  true;

Depending on which type of creative has the highest bid, either VAST video or regular HTML banner ads will appear in the app. The mechanism for deciding which type of ad to show is handled automatically for you by the SDK. There is no need for additional configuration.

If you also apply settings in Console using a placement group with a Mobile Application supply type, those settings will be overridden by the settings you apply here.

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