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Xandr Mobile SDKs


Starting with AppNexus Mobile SDK iOS v6.0, which is currently in development, the Xandr Mobile SDK will be more lightweight, minimizing its footprint on disk and in memory.  This will include the following changes:

  • The SDK will be built as a dynamic framework.
  • Mediation adapter libraries will be removed to streamline mediation adapter upgrades.
  • Mediation adapters can be included only via source code or CocoaPods.
    • This will enable publishers to select the mediation networks they need for their inventory strategies.
    • A list of supported versions of third-party mediation networks will be provided in the public documentation.


Xandr's Mobile SDKs give app developers a fast, convenient way to monetize their apps.

Features include:

  • Open-source code (including release notes!) available on GitHub.
  • Extensive documentation.
  • Support forum for direct engineering support.
  • Complete support of MRAID 2.0 for rich media creatives.
  • Dedicated Android and iOS apps integrate the SDK and allow you to test your campaigns and creatives in real environments.
  • Mediation is managed by the network through Xandr, removing the burden from the publisher.
  • SDK can mediate or be mediated by any other SDK with mediation capabilities.
  • Pre-built adaptors for mediating third party SDKs.
  • Rapid integration.

Supported creative formats include:

  • Banners
  • Interstitials
  • Rich media ads using MRAID can serve on banners or interstitials
  • Video ads using MRAID can serve on interstitials



  • Our SDKs give you a lot of ways to monetize
  • You can share valuable targeting information with advertisers
  • You can mediate to and from the SDKs offered by other exchanges and networks

  • Our SDKs are highly configurable
  • We've built apps to demonstrate their capabilities that you can download right now
  • You can get the support you need from several channels
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