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Ad Ops - Set Up Static Image Banners

This page has Ad Ops setup instructions for serving banners on our Mobile SDKs. The configuration matches the placement in our SDK's demo app.

For developer-focused banner documentation, see Show Banners.

On This Page

Creative Settings

To set up your creative, follow the general instructions from Add Interstitial Creatives - Legacy, with the following settings:

  • Under Creative Content, choose a Third-party creative type.
  • Choose a Creative format of Third Party URL.
  • Choose an Output Type of Image.
  • Choose a Media Type of Banner: Standard Banner.
  • In the Template field, choose AppNexus: Standard.

Placement Settings

To set up your placement, follow the general instructions from Create a Placement, with the following settings:

  • Set the Supply Type to Mobile Application.
  • In the Media Type to Banner.
  • Choose a placement size that matches the size of your desired banner ad view in the SDK (as described in the Show Banners developer docs).

SDK Settings

Follow the developer documentation in Show Banners.

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