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Integrating the AppNexus HTML5 Library with Ads Created in Google Web Designer

Follow these instructions to modify an ad created in Google Web Designer such that it works seamlessly with the AppNexus HTML5 Library. This is required to properly track clicks.

Banner Ads


You will require a text editor to complete the procedure below. If you do not have one, we recommend Sublime Text.

Step 1: Locate the index.html file

Before you begin, locate the folder containing the ad created in Google Web Designer. If the ad is located in a  .zip  file, you must unzip the file to reveal a folder containing its various assets.

Then, locate and open the file named  index.html . This file is where you will make all of the necessary changes in the steps below.

Step 2: Add the AppNexus HTML5 Library

Ensure that the actual AppNexus HTML5 Library is linked to inside  index.html . The library can be found here:

Link the library inside the  <head>  tag in the  index.html  file, by adding the following  <script>  tag:

Use https to ensure the creative can serve on secure inventory.

Step 3: Replace hard-coded URL with APPNEXUS.getClickTag()

You could have an ad created in Google Web Designer that has a hard-coded URL embedded. 

Search for  gwd-events="handlers"  in the index.html  file to find hard-coded URLs. If they are present, you will find a block of code that looks like this:

The hardcoded URL (in this case, ) will vary based on the specific ad you are working with.

Replace "" (including the quotation marks) with  APPNEXUS.getClickTag(). The function should something look like:

Step 4. Save changes

Step 5. Re-zip creative contents

Select all of the contents within the folder created when you unzipped the file. Compress the contents into a new .zip file. 

You are now ready to upload your HTML5 creative onto the AppNexus platform. 

IAB Validator (Optional)

If you would like to verify how this creative measures up to IAB guidelines, you can do so using the HTML5 Ad Validator tool.

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