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The Display Ad Industry: Start Learning Here

AppNexus is a real-time ad platform and ad server. We enable ad networks, DSPs, SSPs, trading desks, and others to manage guaranteed deals and to buy and sell ad space in real time.

One of our goals is to create the most flexible ad platform possible to allow the online ecosystem to flourish, and that goal is served by sharing our expertise on how the industry works. The pages here are meant to inform you about the online display ad industry as a whole, not AppNexus in particular, although we hope they will enhance your experience with our platform.

For details about AppNexus solutions or to speak to an AppNexus representative, please visit our company website at If you are an existing customer, you can log in (above right) for more product information.

The online advertising industry is a slippery beast, evolving as fast as Internet technology and media consumption do. We'd like to help you navigate through a sea of TLAs, to see the big picture and to get done what you need to get done.

From a Publisher's Ad Tag to an Advertiser's Post-Click Conversion

These are some of the orientation materials for the ad industry that we provide for both our new hires and our clients. In addition to the basics, like what's a CPM, you'll see an emphasis on technical concepts, like how an HTTP call from your browser to web server works, and how an ad call works. That's partly because we're a technology-focused company, but also because we think these concepts will help, whether you're a media trafficker investigating why your conversions are low and suspect a misplaced pixel, or you're reading through the sales material of an ad company and you need to know if they sound legitimate. Or maybe you're just curious to know more about the underpinnings of the industry.

We will be adding to this material, and we invite your input on how we can be more helpful---email us. We encourage you to use these materials for anything you like, but please provide credit by linking to the original webpage.

Brand new to ad serving? Start with our Advertising Glossary or Introduction to Ad Serving.

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