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1.  What type of security does AppNexus provide?

To avoid a potential breach by others, all of your servers are dedicated exclusively to your use.  We create a private VLAN for your server cluster so that only packets with your VLAN tags get through, and our firewall rules are set to "access denied" by default until we are specifically instructed by authorized users to turn on a port.  The AppNexus environment can be an extension of clients' existing datacenters using dedicated point-to-point connections; no traffic will leave the private network.  No AppNexus personnel have access to customer instances unless specifically granted permission.  Physical access to our data centers can only be accomplished by biometric identification and access to facilities are need-based only; all of our monitoring is conducted remotely to minimize breach.  For more information, please see security.

2.  You don't run your own physical datacenters.  What assurances do we have with your facilities?

AppNexus believes in focusing on our core competency of building and servicing cloud computing infrastructure.  Colocation facilities are a function of specialized real estate, which is not our focus.  We are very selective in our colocation providers, and we have chosen to work with world-class data center facilities CRG West in LA and Equinix in New York Metro (Secaucus NJ).  Please visit our datacenters page for more information.

3.  We have our own datacenters already.  What can AppNexus's services do for us?

As described above, the AppNexus ecosystem can serve as a secure extension of clients' existing datacenters, and there are some strong benefits to this especially:

  • Quick, accessible computing power.  Especially in these economic times, it may be difficult or cumbersome to get internal funding for an IT-heavy project.  You can get started with AppNexus immediately with no capital expenditure.  You can scale up or down instantly according to your changing needs.
  • A secondary datacenter.  For high availability, disaster recovery, and reduced latency for geographically dispersed end users.
  • The AppNexus Ecosystem.  Our clients and partners interact inside our network.  This means no latency and no development has to be done to account for traffic passing through the public Internet.  For example, one of our clients is OpenX, a targeted ad-serving network that does real-time user profile and ad inventory match-up.  Using our platform, ad inventory providers find it much easier to tap into OpenX's user profile at that instance, and decide if they want to push an ad to that user.  And when OpenX needs some good BI/ data analytics services to help them with their decisioning engine, they can use one of the software-as-a-service providers in our cloud.

4  Why don't you support clients' OS upgrades?

OS upgrades should always be in the client's hands.  We upgrade our base OS regularly (i.e., we push out new images) but we don't force our clients to accept the upgrade.  It's a best-of-both-worlds solution.

5.  Do you support Windows?

Yes.  Please contact us for details.

6.  Your storage space seems less cost effective than other cloud computing companies.

We provide local, mountable high-end storage with fast throughput (up to 300 MB per second) so that it can be used with business applications.  Our pricing should not be compared to static archival storage.

In general, the AppNexus infrastructure is built for enterprise service level requirements.  While we are not the cheapest storage solution out there, we provide business value through our easy-to-use services, our highly available environment, our extensive personal support, our ecosystem, and many other features.  Call us to see how we can ultimately be the most cost-effective solution.

7.  AppNexus is a start-up---you could fail, and my business is riding on your platform.

While we are a young company, we have a strong management team with deep online media business knowledge.  The founders of AppNexus built and operated the RightMedia Exchange system and infrastructure, a real-time ad optimizing and serving platform that provides services for Yahoo and MySpace.  This infrastructure reliably served 100,000 transactions per second, running over 3000 servers across six data centers to provide high availability and high capacity.  Yahoo bought RightMedia for $850 Million in 2007.

In addition to our strong management team, AppNexus is backed by an outstanding group of investors, including Khosla Ventures, First Round Capital, Venrock Kodiak Venture Partners, Marc Andreessen, Ben Horowitz, and Ron Conway.  Vinod Khosla, the founder of Khosla Ventures, was a founder of Sun Microsystems.  Ron Conway was an early-stage investor in eBay, Google, and LoudCloud, among others.  Marc Andreessen and Ben Horowitz founded LoudCloud / Opsware, a leading cloud computing services company established in 2000.  LoudCloud's assets were purchased by EDS and Opsware was acquired by HP for over $1 Billion.  Marc and Ben provide their substantial expertise to AppNexus on a regular basis.

These assets give us a solid foundation for a vibrant future.