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Bundling an AppNexus Instance

To make duplicate copies of an AppNexus instances for redundancy, migration, scaling, or other purposes, follow these steps.

Bundling a very large instance, say 250 GB or more, can take hours or over a day. (By comparison, a 10 GB instance will take minutes.) Instead of bundling instances this large, you should migrate the data and only transfer the actual software (e.g. DB/scripts) to the new instance.

1. Shut down the instance

This takes it "offline" but it will remain intact.

manage-instance shutdown --instance-id --username <USERNAME>

2. Run the "manage-instance bundle" command to create the image

manage-instance bundle --instance-id --share-name --path --username <USERNAME>

The share name is your customer share, and the path is where you want to store this image.

3. Launch the instance on the server of your choosing

If the instance is stored in the same datacenter as the server where you are launching it, you can start it as usual.  In other words, the instance-launching command could look like this:

manage-instance launch -s <SERVER_ID> -S custXXX -p images/image_name.fs.tar.gz -n
my_custom_image -c 4 -m 4096mb -d 60gb --username <USERNAME>

If the instance is in a different datacenter, you can use rsync to copy the image to the other datacenter's storage.  Details can be found here: Start an Instance from a Custom Image.

As always, please create a ticket at or contact us at if you have any questions or concerns.

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