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API Services Reference

This page lists AppNexus API services, as well as the following information about each service:

  • Name: The name of each service in the table below is also a link to its documentation.
  • Endpoint: The URL where you can reach the service.
  • Context: Whether the service is primarily used for buying, selling, etc.
  • Read-only?: Whether the service responds to https requests other than GET.

Filtration is disabled as no filters are defined.

Filter is off as no table is provided.
Ad Profile Service
Ad Quality Rule Service
Ad Server Service
Advertiser Service
App Installation Service
Batch Segment Service
Brand Service
Brand Company Service
Broker Service
Browser Service
Campaign Service
Carrier Service
Category Service
Change Log Services

City Service
Click Tracker Service
Content Category Service
Country Service
Creative Service
Creative Custom Request Template Service
Creative Custom Request Template Type Service
Creative Folder Service
Creative Format Service
Currency Service
Developer Service
Device Make Service
Device Model Service
Designated Market Area Service
Domain List Service
External Inventory Code Service
Impression Tracker Service
Insertion Order Service
Inventory Attribute Service
Inventory Resold Service
IP Range List Service
Label Service
Language Service
Line Item Service
Media Subtype Service
Media Type Service
Member Service
Member Profile Service
Mobile App Service
Mobile App Instance Service
Mobile App Instance List Service
Object Limit Service
Operating System Service
Operating System Extended Service
Operating System Family Service
Payment Rule Service
Conversion Pixel Service
Pixel Template Service
Placement Service
Platform Member Service
Plugin Service
Plugin Instance Service
Profile Service
Profile Summary Service
Publisher Service
Region Service
Saved Report Service
Segment Service
Site Service
Tag Parser Service
Technical Attribute Service
Creative Template Service
Domain Audit Status Service
User Service
User Group Pattern Service
Visibility Profile Service
Authentication Service
Account Recovery Service
Creative Search Service
Creative Macro Check Service
Extract ClickTags Service
Report Service
Lookup Service
Search Service
User Verification Service
Feed Status Service
Deal Buyer Access Service
Deal From Package Service
Deal Service
Mobile App Store Service
Package Buyer Access Service
Package Service
Report Status Service
Third-Party Pixel Service
Custom Model Service
Custom Model Parser Service
Targeting Key Service
Targeting Value Service

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