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External Inventory Code Service

Some sellers use their own codes to break out their inventory more granularly than by Publisher > Site > Placement. The External Inventory Code Service allows you to register such codes with Xandr so that you can pass them on ad calls and then report on them. Here's how it works:

  1. You must make a POST call to this service to register an external inventory code with Xandr prior to steps 2 and 3.
  2. You pass the code as ext_inv_code in the query string of ad calls (see example below).
  3. You report on external_inv_id in one of the following reports:

Example Placement Tag with External Inventory Code:

On This Page


Add a new external inventory code:

Modify an external inventory code: 

View all of your external inventory codes: 

View all external inventory codes for a specific publisher: 

View a specific external inventory code:

Delete an external inventory code:

JSON Fields

Each combination of publisher_id and code must be unique.


Type (Length)



Required On



The ID for the external inventory code.

Auto-generated number

PUT/DELETE, in query string



The ID of the publisher for which the external inventory code is used. If 0, the code is used across multiple publishers.




string (100)

The name for the external inventory code. This name can be included in Network Publisher Analytics reporting.




string (100)

The value that will be passed as ext_inv_code in the query string of ad calls. For more details, see Placement Tag Parameters (customer login required).



The license could not be verified: License Certificate has expired!


Adding an external inventory code for a specific publisher
Adding an external inventory code for use across multiple publishers
Updating an external inventory code
Deleting an external inventory code
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