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API Onboarding Process

Customers who plan to integrate with AppNexus APIs need to complete the following steps in our API onboarding process.

The AppNexus API endpoints are accessible only to current customers. If you're not currently an AppNexus customer but are interested in becoming one, request a consultation.

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Get API Access

The first step you must take to begin using the Console API is to contact the support team to gain access to the API endpoints. In order to be granted API access, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a current AppNexus customer with a current Console user ID and member ID. (Support cannot create a new user to fulfill a request for API access.)
  • Be a Network, Network Observer, Advertiser, or Publisher user. We cannot grant API access to Network Advertiser Manager or Network Publisher Manager users. (See User Service for more on user types.)

When you open your support ticket, use the title "Request for API Access". In the body of the support ticket, include the following information:

  • the numeric ID of the user that requires API access
  • the billing name and numeric ID of the member under which that user exists

The support team cannot grant access to non-Console users. If you are a customer and have non-Console users who would like access to the API, you must contact the Platform Integrations team for your business unit.

After you've been granted access, you can use the following endpoints:

The Client Testing environment is a full-featured copy of the production environment and is updated monthly with latest production code and data. For most use cases, it should be possible to build and test your entire integration in the client testing environment before redirecting your integration to the production environment. See Client Testing environment for more details.

Once you have built and tested your integration in the client testing environment, the final step is to point your integration at the production environment. If you have followed AppNexus' API Best Practices, this should merely require you to update the API endpoint in your config files.

Read the Documentation

The Console API documentation provides insight into the structure of the API and will help you determine the best approach for integration as well as provide details on typical use cases. Read through the Reference to find information and examples for the individual services that are available to you.

API Change Info

AppNexus notifies customers of API changes. You can sign up to receive emails of API changes, as well as other AppNexus news.

Complete the Self-Paced Training

AppNexus offers a pre-recorded training webinar, AppNexus Console API Overview and Training, targeted at anyone interested in developing against our APIs. (Note, the training was recorded several years ago, but the basic concepts still apply.) The training covers the following topics:

  • The reasons for using an API
  • Best practices for integrating
  • Definitions of breaking and non-breaking changes
  • Throttling, filtering and sorting
  • Data entity mapping/relationships
  • JSON introduction
  • API authorization
  • Available tools

You can download the PowerPoint presentation used in the Webinar at: API Training Presentation in PDF Form.

You should also read the API Best Practices. This document also covers many of the basic concepts that will help get you started.

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