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Traffic Filtering

You may want to limit the number of Bid Requests you receive from the Impression Bus to minimize computing resources and to focus your efforts on those impressions that are most relevant to your members.

This page describes how traffic filtering works at a high level, and provides links to more information.

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Bidder Profiles

The primary mechanism for filtering traffic from the Impression Bus to your bidder is the Bidder Profile Service.

Read the Bidder Profile FAQ

When setting up your profile, be sure to read the Bidder Profile - FAQ.

For complex filtering needs, you can set up several child profiles in addition to your main, or parent profile. Once you've created your profiles, use the Bidder Service to configure which of your profiles will be the parent and which the children.

How it Works

The way to think about the path from a user generating an ad impression through the AppNexus Platform and passing through your Bidder Profiles is as follows:

  1. Impbus checks Parent Profile to see whether a given impression can pass, including:
    1. All filtering specified (Selling Member, User Geo, etc.)
    2. Passthrough Percent* (Randomly exclude impressions by volume)
  2. If the impression does not pass through the Parent Profile, the impression will not be sent and will not be processed by any Child Profile
  3. If the impression does pass through the Parent Profile, the Impbus will check each Child Profile separately
    1. If the impression does not pass the Child Profile, the impression will be passed on to the next Child Profile for consideration
      1. If all Child Profiles have been processed, and the impression has not passed any Child Profile - the impression will not pass through
    2. if the impression does pass the Child Profile, it will immediately be sent to the bidder

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