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Supported Currencies

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Argentine Peso (ARS)       ₱    
Australian Dollar (AUD)    AUD$   
Brazilian Real (BRL)       R$     
British Pound (GBP)        £     
Canadian Dollar (CAD)      CDN$   
Chinese Yuan (CNY)         元    
Colombian Peso (COP)       COL$   
Czech Koruna (CZK)
Danish Krone (DKK)         KR     
Euro (EUR)                 €    
Indian Rupee (INR)         र    
Indonesian Rupiah (IDR)    Rp     
Israeli Shekel (ILS)       ₪    
Japanese Yen (JPY)         ¥     
Malaysian Ringgit (MYR)    RM     
Mexican Peso (MXN)         $      
New Zealand Dollar (NZD)   NZD$   
Norwegian Krone (NOK)      KR     
Philippines Peso (PHP)     ₱    
Russian Ruble              RUB    
Singapore Dollar (SGD)     SGD$   
Swedish Krona (SEK)        KR     
Swiss Franc (CHF)          CHF    
Taiwan Dollar (TWD)       TWD$    
Thailand Baht (THB)        ฿    
Turkish Lira (TRY)         TL     
United States Dollar (USD) $      
Vietnamese Dong (VND)
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