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The AppNexus Computing Cloud

AppNexus is built on top of the AppNexus computing cloud, specially designed and built from the ground up by our expert team.

Many AppNexus clients use the cloud so they can focus on their core business instead of the headaches of infrastructure. The rest host bidders in the cloud so that they can receive and respond to Bid Requests in a few milliseconds rather than risking the latency and security risk of the public Internet.

The cloud provides the infrastructure building blocks needed to deploy and manage high-availability production infrastructure quickly, securely, and reliably, with a minimum of capital expense.
Components of the cloud include:

  • High-end dedicated servers, which you can provision in minutes with the OS image of your choice
  • Geographically disparate data centers, with DNS technology to route users to the closest one
  • Carrier-class networking, redundant from box to backbone at 1GigE or more
  • Private VLANs and configurable firewalls to protect your data
  • Global and local load balancing on redundant F5 machines
  • Netezza Data Warehousing appliances
  • NAS storage cluster with tens of terabytes of capacity and high performance

These building blocks are provisioned on demand using a single set of apis and command-line tools. For more information about the cloud, please visit the AppNexus Cloud Documentation Wiki.

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